This Contract Is Made by and between the Buyer and Seller

When it comes to legal documents such as contracts, precision is key. Each word chosen should be carefully considered for its impact on the clarity and enforceability of the agreement. One commonly used phrase in many contracts is “this contract is made by and between the buyer and seller.” However, is this phrase the best choice and does it serve any purpose beyond simply identifying the parties involved?

Firstly, using the phrase “made by and between” does not add any legal significance to the agreement. It is sufficient to identify the parties by their legal names, such as “This Agreement is entered into by John Smith, hereafter referred to as the Buyer, and Jane Doe, hereafter referred to as the Seller.” This format clearly identifies who is signing the agreement without adding any extraneous language.

Additionally, the phrase “made by and between” is not inherently search engine optimized, or SEO friendly. While contracts are not typically written with SEO in mind, it’s important to remember that contracts can be made publicly available online through legal databases and as such, should be optimized for search engines. Instead of using “made by and between,” using the actual names of the parties involved will help increase the likelihood of the agreement being found in a search engine result.

It’s also worth considering what kind of agreement this phrase would be appropriate for. If the contract is a purchase agreement for a product or service, it may be more appropriate to use “This Agreement is between the Buyer and the Seller for the purchase of Product X.” Being more specific about the purpose of the agreement can make it easier to understand and enforce, which is especially important in cases where legal action may be necessary.

In conclusion, while the phrase “made by and between” is commonly used in contracts, it serves no legal purpose and may not be SEO friendly. It’s more important to be specific in identifying the parties involved and the purpose of the agreement. By doing so, the contract will be more clear and enforceable, and more likely to be found in a search engine result.