Holdback Agreement Meaning

A holdback agreement is a contractual arrangement that is often used in business transactions, particularly in mergers and acquisitions. It is a type of agreement that requires the buyer to withhold a certain amount of money from the seller until certain conditions are met.

The holdback amount is typically a percentage of the purchase price and is held in escrow until the agreed-upon conditions are satisfied. These conditions may include things like the confirmation that all assets have been transferred, the resolution of any outstanding legal issues, or the achievement of certain financial targets.

Holdback agreements are often used as a way to protect the buyer from unforeseen risks that may arise after the transaction has been completed. For example, if the seller fails to disclose a significant issue with the business, or if there are unexpected legal or financial challenges that arise after the sale, the holdback amount can be used to offset any losses that the buyer may incur.

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